3 nights, 4 nights, 5 nights, 6 nights Plná penzia Valid from 15.10.2021

The stay called Spa for a try is suitable for everyone who needs to relax and regenerate, and at the same time they would like to get advice directly from a doctor when choosing treatments. Before your stay, you will undergo a medical examination on the basis of which you will be recommended specific spa treatments with regard to your current state of health. This stay is also popular among all clients who do not know how to choose from our offer, but would like to get acquainted with the spa and try the power of healing springs "on their own skin." VŠZP health insurance clients over 65 are entitled to a 10% discount on their stay.

Services included in the price of stay

  • Initial medical consultation
  • 5-11 spa treatments (treatments will be selected by a doctor based on the admission examination and the number of treatments depends on the length of your stay)
  • Full board (excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner in the form of hot and cold buffets)
  • Accommodation in Goethe Spa House, Relax Thermal Spa House, Alžbeta Spa House or Matej Bel Spa House (choice of the spa house is up to the client)
Wellness & SPA

During your stay you can buy massages and treatments from our offer, as well as entrances to the thermal baths and saunas.

Report selected massages at the reception, where they will offer you free dates of treatments.

Useful information for the stays
  • Check-in from 1 PM to 5 PM. The stay begins with dinner and ends with breakfast.
  • Late arrivals must be announced in advance at the spa reception. In case of later arrival, i.e.  after 6 PM you lose your right to food on that day.
  • On the day of departure, the rooms must be vacated by 10 AM.
  • If you are interested in a medical consultation, it is necessary to check-in by 3 PM.
  • In case of early termination of the stay without objective reasons, the client will be charged the price for the entire stay, without the right to payment for each unused day of stay.
  • In case of interest in half board, an amount of 2 €  / person / day will be deducted from the price of the stay package.
  • In case of interest, it is possible to order and buy lunch on the day of departure at a price of  15 € / person directly at the reception of the spa, min the day before.
  • The client is not compensated for not using the initial medical consultation.
  • Prices include zero VAT and may be adjusted in the event of a change in applicable legislation and laws setting the VAT rate.
  • Payment for the stay on arrival is possible in cash or by credit card: VISA, Master Card, Maestro.

Pricelist of the stay

SPA HOUSE MATEJA BELASingle roomDouble roomTwin roomDouble room with balconySuite
3 nights / person / stay237,00 €216,00 €207,00 €228,00 €294,00 €
4 nights / person / stay316,00 €288,00 €276,00 €304,00 €392,00 €
5 nights / person / stay395,00 €360,00 €345,00 €380,00 €490,00 €
6 nights / person / stay474,00 €432,00 €414,00 €456,00 €588,00 €
SPA HOUSE GOETHESingle roomDouble roomTwin roomDouble roomSuite
3 nights / person / stay219,00 €225,00 €216,00 €261,00 €294,00 €
4 nights / person / stay292,00 €300,00 €288,00 €348,00 €392,00 €
5 nights / person / stay365,00 €375,00 €360,00 €435,00 €490,00 €
6 nights / person / stay438,00 €450,00 €432,00 €522,00 €588,00 €
SPA HOUSE ALŽBETADvojlôžková izbaDvojlôžková izba 2/2 bunkováDvojlôžková izba KomfortApartmán
3 nights / person / stay192,00 €162,00 €207,00 €228,00 €
4 nights / person / stay256,00 €216,00 €276,00 €304,00 €
5 nights / person / stay320,00 €270,00 €345,00 €380,00 €
6 nights / person / stay384,00 €324,00 €414,00 €456,00 €
SPA HOUSE RELAX THERMALSingle roomDouble roomTwin roomDouble room with balcony
3 nights / person / stay210,00 €195,00 €186,00 €216,00 €
4 nights / person / stay280,00 €260,00 €248,00 €288,00 €
5 nights / person / stay350,00 €325,00 €310,00 €360,00 €
6 nights / person / stay420,00 €390,00 €372,00 €432,00 €
  • The price does not include accommodation tax in the amount of 1 € / person / night, which the client pays directly at the reception upon arrival.


Surchargers and deposits
0 - 3 years free of charge, without the right to a bed 
3 - 12 years on an extra bed50% discount from the stay, without medical treatments
3 - 12 years on a fixed bed30% discount from the stay, without medical treatments
30 and more days25% of the price of the stay
11 to 29 days50% of the price of the stay
10 or less days100% of the price of the stay
unoccupied bed30% of the price of the stay
unoccupied bed in a twin room30% of the price of the stay
unoccupied second twin30% of the price of the stay for the whole twin room
3rd person on extra bed30% discount from the price of the stay
key loss30 €
refundable deposit for the gate controller (except Relax Thermal)20 €
refundable deposit for the key from the parking lot, summer terrace20 €
refundable deposit for safe30 €
baby bed10 € / night
change of timing of treatments at the initiative of the client on the spot1 € / treatment
exchange of a room at the initiative of the client without objective reasons15 €
one-time fee for renting bathrobes10 € / 1 bathrobe / stay
one-time fee for booking a selected room20 € /person
Discount for seniors

General Health Insurance Company clients over the age of 65 are entitled to a 10% discount on their stay. In order for the discount to be granted, it is necessary for the client to present an insurance card for the stay.

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