Wellness sauna world

Rest and regeneration

Wellness sauna world

The sauna world, built in an antique style, is located in the Relax Thermal Spa House premises. Here you will experience perfect relaxation of the whole body thanks to various saunas, which will improve the blood supply to the body, muscle mobility and help to release toxins from the body.

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What you will find in the sauna world

Eucalyptus sauna

Sauna with beneficial effects on the respiratory tract and skin regeneration with 100% humidity.

• Recommended relaxation time: max 15 min

Aroma sauna

The combination of a traditional Finnish sauna and aromatherapy has created an aroma sauna that has a beneficial effect not only on the respiratory tract but also on a person's mental balance. Delicate herbal scents also help with migraine conditions.

• Recommended relaxation time: max 15

Finnish sauna

The traditional Finnish sauna helps to improve the immune system's defenses, regenerate the skin and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

• Sauna temperature: 70 ºC

• Recommended relaxation time: max 20 min

Infra sauna

Sauna also suitable for clients who do not like saunas too hot. The pleasant warmth of the infra sauna helps to improve immunity, reduces stiffness of the muscular system, stimulates blood circulation and helps to heal skin inflammation.

• Recommended relaxation time: max 20 min


For brave clients, we recommend using the icefall, where you can cool your whole body after a hot sauna. Icefall helps to strengthen the body, stimulate the immune system and support blood flow throughout the body.

Cooling bucket of courage

A bucket of cold water after a sauna is guaranteed to cool your body after a sauna. After a cooling "shock", we recommend a subsequent visit to other saunas from the offer.