Cave Steam Bath

European rarity

Cave Steam Bath "Parenica"

Experience a unique steam bath in a naturally created cave, which is one of the unique spa phenomena in Europe. The water in the cave comes directly from the thermal spring and is not chemically treated, so you will appreciate it even if you are sensitive to classic pool water. The bath is rich in calcium, thanks to which the stay in it is especially suitable for clients with musculoskeletal disorders.

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Effects of Parenica

The effects of the bath are beneficial for diseases and damage to the musculoskeletal system, after surgeries, after injuries, rheumatism, back pain, joint pain, arthritis or osteoporosis and many others. It is also suitable for internal use, i.e., drinking treatment. It helps in the treatment of osteoporosis, functional impairment of intestinal motility, biliary dyskinesia, disorders in the production of pancreatic enzymes, as supportive treatment for diabetes, urinary tract infections and also as a partial daily coverage of minerals.

Water temperature42 ºC
Maximum stay20 min
BringSwimsuit, towel, slippers
After the bathThe bath is followed by a 20-minute dry wrap in the relaxation room, which will enable the regeneration of the body and the absorption of beneficial substances into the body.
When is the bath not recommendedDue to the high temperature and humidity, the bath is not suitable for children under 12 years of age, patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system and high blood pressure