How to arrange spa treatment

Procedure for arranging spa treatment

Spa treatment paid for by the health insurance company is conditioned by the recommendation of your doctor, who will recommend you to the spa on the basis of an instruction from a doctor -  specialist. We bring you complete information on spa treatment arrangement.

How to choose a spa?

Spa must be chosen carefully so that the patient is able to undergo treatment procedures without any problems and so that his/her health is not a contraindication in that particular spa.

The healing thermal spa Sklené Teplice is, due to its extraordinary healing water, rich in magnesium and calcium, as well as other rare minerals, destined for the treatment of the musculoskeletal and nervous system.

The water in the spa is thermal and is changed every day, it is not chemically treated, it flows into the pools directly from the springs.

1. When are you entitled to spa treatment?

The provision of spa health care will be determined by a doctor based on your medical records. According to the indication, the doctor will determine whether you belong to group A patients, when the insurance company pays for all the essentials for you (boarding, accommodation, treatments) or you belong to group B, when the insurance company reimburses you only for medical treatments.

Spa treatment must be preceded by health care, either hospital or outpatient. The patient is entitled to spa care once or twice a year, depending on the indication

2. How do you arrange a proposal for a spa treatment?

• To request spa treatment, contact your general practitioner if you are insured with a Slovak health insurance company.

• Your general practitioner will refer you to a specialist doctor based on the indications found.

• On the basis of a report from a specialist doctor, the general practitioner will draw up a proposal for spa treatment.

• The patient has the opportunity to choose the spa himself/herself, which can be recommended by the doctor according to his/her health condition.

3. How to continue with a proposal for a spa treatment?

The proposal for spa treatment, which will be written to you by a general practitioner, must be delivered as soon as possible (but no later than 6 weeks before the expiry of the indication period) to the branch of the health insurance company where you are insured. If the spa proposal contains all the requisites and is signed by a doctor, the insurance company will approve the proposal.

After approval, the health insurance company will notify you by letter of approval of the spa treatment. Subsequently, after choosing the spa, it is necessary to book the date of the spa treatment, which lasts from 21-28 days. A patient who enters spa treatment, whether group A or B, MUST NOT leave the spa arbitrarily during the spa treatment.

Reservation of spa treatment in Sklené Teplice

Reservations can be reported by phone or email:

tel.: 045 677 1061, 0905 413 297, 0905 576 350


The reception of the spa is obliged to suggest and confirm the date of the spa treatment, the choice of the spa house and the type of room. Confirmed deadlines are binding and may only be changed in justified cases.

Accommodation tax

A generally binding regulation of the municipality of Sklené Teplice set the accommodation tax at € 1.00 / person / night, which is not included in the price for spa treatment. The above payment must be made upon arrival at our spa to the reception staff.

What to bring to the spa

• policyholder's card, ID card

• notification of approval of spa treatment from the insurance company

• summons to spa treatment that you received from the spa

• confirmation of the current state of health from your doctor not older than 14 days in terms of the exclusion of possible contraindication (you present the confirmation at the initial examination to the attending physician)

• medicines that you take regularly in sufficient quantities for the duration of your stay