Discover Therapeutic Thermal SPA Sklené Teplice in Slovakia

Therapeutic thermal spa

Welcome to a place full of precious, healing rest.

Discover Sklené Teplice. A place where the healing power of nature can be seen. Where health and inner harmony is your only goal. A place that combines the healing power of thermal springs, the healing effect of treatments and relaxation surrounded by nature

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Healing energy flowing from nature

European rarity

Precious and healing springs that help alleviate health ailments, relax the body and find peace of mind on a daily basis. 


Cave Steam Bath

Slovak and European unicum - also known as "Parenica" is a naturally created cave with hyperthermal water with a high content of magnesium and calcium. Try its beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system.

42 °C Discover

Maria Theresa Bath

The relaxing thermal pool, built in an antique style, will win you over with its atmosphere and environment. The effects of thermal water in the Maria Theresa Bath have a beneficial effect on diseases and damage to the musculoskeletal system, after operations, after injuries, rheumatism, back pain, joint pain, arthritis or osteoporosis and many others.

37 - 39 °C Discover

Mining Bath

Let yourself be seduced by the atmosphere and pleasantly warm water of the Mining Bath with a unique replica of a fresco by Botticelli. The bath with a large pool is suitable for therapeutic exercises.

34 - 36 °C Discover

Place, where nature was generous

Relaxing spa stays

Feel better, be healthier

They bring healing and rest, helping to find a rediscovered inner balance. They relieve stress and help prevent burnout.

In cooperation with our doctors, we have created stays, the program of which has a long-term effect on health and mind.

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The path to healing

Spa area

5 spa houses, 60 healing treatments, large green park. Discover the area of ​​Sklené Teplice together with all the nooks and crannies.

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